Saturday Adventures in Mystic

Not sure what to do on your Saturday in Mystic? You are in luck! There are plenty of fun things to do and if you don’t know where to start, we have you covered!

Adventure Mystic 

What better way to spend your Saturday in the summer than out on the water? Adventure Mystic offers paddle board, kayak, and bike rentals! It is a great way to spend time with your family or friends. They also offer full moon and nightly paddles, yoga, and scenic bike tours! If you are interested, be sure to visit their website to see what they have to offer. This spot is a great place to spend your Saturday afternoon and if you are traveling with kids, they will love it too!

Mystic Seaport Museum 

Mystic Seaport Museum is a must when visiting Mystic. It features authentic buildings and has friendly and knowledgeable staff to teach you about life in the 1800’s. It is also a great place to visit with your children as they can dress like a sailor and visit the Children’s museum and learn about the ship’s sail and hull design at the Discovery Barn. If there is one place you do not want to miss when in Mystic, this is the place! Visit their website or Instagram page @mysticseaportmuseum for more information!

Olde Mystic Village 

Olde Mystic Village is an outdoor shopping space set in a recreated 18th century New England Village. You can wander through the village and check out their duck pond and water wheel. On top of that they have a variety of shops and restaurants, so if you are looking to spend your Saturday afternoon out and about, this is the place! Grab a map on your way in and see what the village has to offer! It is a great place to go with kids, friends, or even by yourself! Olde Mystic Village is one of Connecticut’s prized possessions and you will not be disappointed!

Enjoy your Saturday by spending it in Mystic, CT! Whether you are looking to spend time on the water, exploring the museum or walking around Olde Mystic Village, you are sure to make a day for yourself. You cannot go wrong with any of these awesome spots and the best part about it is that they are all kid friendly so if you are traveling with children, they will be as content as you are! Be sure to tag @think_mystic in your Saturday Adventures in Mystic! Happy sailing!