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Coffee in Mystic

Coffee in Mystic Who doesn’t love sitting back and relaxing with an iced coffee on a warm summer day? Or warming up in the dead of winter with a hot cup of joe? Specialty coffee shops and roasters have grown increasingly popular and have enchanted patrons with their coffee creations. If you’re looking [...]

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Satisfying your sweet tooth in Mystic

Satisfying your sweet tooth in Mystic Who doesn’t love a sweet treat once in a while? Sometimes it’s nice to treat yourself to a pastry, cupcake, or other decadent treat at a charming dessert shop. If you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, these shops in Mystic are the perfect place to go! [...]

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Instagrammable Mystic

Instagrammable Mystic Mystic may be a small town in Connecticut, but it is a powerhouse when it comes to instagrammable spots. This coastal town is filled with artsy donut shops, cider mills, wine bars, coffee shops, restaurants with waterfront views, and retail stores with a touch of magic. Keep reading to find out [...]

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Best Lobster Rolls in Mystic

Best Lobster Rolls in Mystic Looking for a nice buttery lobster roll? Mystic has the freshest and most delicious lobster rolls around! Maybe sometimes you just crave a lobster roll and may not know where to go? Don’t worry, we have you covered! Check out our blog on the best lobster rolls in [...]

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Think Healthy: Healthy Eats in Mystic

Think Healthy: Healthy Eats in Mystic Sometimes after a long weekend of treating yourself to some of your favorite comfort food, you may be in the mood for something healthy to start off your week. But not sure where to go? You are in luck! Mystic CT has some great options for you [...]

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Think Brunch: Best Brunch in Mystic

Think Brunch: Best Brunch in Mystic When it’s the weekend sometimes all you want to do is sleep in and be able to grab a nice brunch with friends and family. Mystic is the perfect place to do so! There are so many delicious brunch places that you are able to enjoy a [...]

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