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Easter events in Mystic

Easter events in Mystic Easter is right around the corner, falling on April 9th this year. It means that Spring is here, and with it, hopefully some warmer temperatures! Easter also means family, traditions, fun, and lots of yummy candy! If you’re looking for some fun activities to do with the kids, or [...]

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Newest Bars to Visit in Mystic, Connecticut

Newest Bars to Visit in Mystic, Connecticut Mystic is well known for its Seaport Museum, expansive Aquarium, and beautiful coastal location. Mystic is also recognized for its eclectic selection of restaurants and bars. Here are three of the newest spots in town you definitely need to visit for some delicious food and a [...]

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Top Al Fresco Dinner Spots in Mystic

Top Al Fresco Dinner Spots in Mystic Now that the summer season is here, we’re beyond excited for some al fresco meals. Warmer temperatures and sunny skies just call for dinners outside! With ocean views, live music, fire pits and more, there are so many great options in Mystic for dining al fresco. [...]

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Coffee in Mystic

Coffee in Mystic Who doesn’t love sitting back and relaxing with an iced coffee on a warm summer day? Or warming up in the dead of winter with a hot cup of joe? Specialty coffee shops and roasters have grown increasingly popular and have enchanted patrons with their coffee creations. If you’re looking [...]

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Satisfying your sweet tooth in Mystic

Satisfying your sweet tooth in Mystic Who doesn’t love a sweet treat once in a while? Sometimes it’s nice to treat yourself to a pastry, cupcake, or other decadent treat at a charming dessert shop. If you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, these shops in Mystic are the perfect place to go! [...]

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Instagrammable Mystic

Instagrammable Mystic Mystic may be a small town in Connecticut, but it is a powerhouse when it comes to instagrammable spots. This coastal town is filled with artsy donut shops, cider mills, wine bars, coffee shops, restaurants with waterfront views, and retail stores with a touch of magic. Keep reading to find out [...]

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