Where to Grab a Slice of Pizza in Mystic

You won’t have to go far to find great pizza in Mystic. Whether you are looking for something a little bit more gourmet, or you just want to grab a quick slice – pizza is a plenty! So, let’s explore some of the most robust and coveted pizza places in Mystic!

Mystic Pizza

If you are visiting Mystic, a trip to Mystic Pizza is a must. If you are wondering if it is the same Mystic Pizza that the Hollywood movie is named after – it sure is! Mystic Pizza caught the eye of screenwriter Amy Jones when she was vacationing in Mystic. The movie was filmed on location in Mystic.  Fans of the movie have flocked to this cute little pizza scene ever since and the pizza definitely hasn’t disappointed! One bite and you will finally understand why it is called “The Pizza that Made the Movie Famous.”

Mango’s Wood Fired Pizza Co.

Nestled in Olde Mistick Village, a quaint shopping village in Mystic, CT, Mango’s Wood Fired Pizza has quickly become a favorite among locals and tourists alike. When you visit Mango’s you will find a massive wood burning oven that is the highlight of Mango’s open kitchen. Their pizza is made from scratch using their own hand stretched dough. The freshest of mozzarella is sourced from a local cheese company and the produce is all sourced locally. Mango’s has so many pizzas to choose from, but a crowd favorite is the B.V. I. – mozzarella topped pizza with slices of fresh tomato, onion and crispy bacon. The outdoor patio is the perfect place to enjoy time with friends and family while enjoying a tasty slice.


Featuring “Grade A” thin crust pizza, Pizzetta is an adorable pizza location in the heart of downtown Mystic, CT.  This spacious pizza spot has both indoor and patio dining. If you’d rather dine in your hotel after a long day exploring the rest of Mystic, Pizzetta also offers delivery.  Pizzetta works hard to source the freshest ingredients. What sets Pizzetta apart is their large selection of dietary choices including dairy free, meatless, vegan and vegetarian pizza options! You’ll even find the tastiest gluten free pizza around!

Whichever you choose, we promise you won’t be able to limit yourself to just one slice. Luckily the pizzas are large enough for a crowd and there is plenty for everyone!